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About trustyblocks

Code of Conducts


trustyblocks is a small group of engineers operating in Korea and Japan. We are committed to realizing the vision of the Telos chain and aim to contribute to the expansion of the Telos chain's influence.
This will be achieved by discovering and supporting Korean and Japanese communities and partners interested in the Antelope protocol and the future of Telos .


We are an independent and 100% self-funded block producer. trustyblocks does not own, manage, or control any other block producer entity in the Telos network. We pledge to support and enforce all arbitration decisions that are enacted immediately.


We will never pay for or offer incentives for votes. trustyblocks declares its commitment to endorsing and following the governing rules and procedures outlined in the Telos Governance.
We will not comply with any requests that are forbidden by governance rules, procedures, or NDAs.

Block Production

Stability in block production is the most basic obligation of block producers. An experienced engineer who previously supported an EOS BP is responsible for the nodes of trustyblocks . We will address all issues related to BP operation immediately.

Ownership Disclosure

trustyblocks, a 100% self-funded and independent block producer, was founded by Eddie. K (Head of Technology) and Tracy. B (Research Manager), each owning 50% of the team.

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